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That's me at 51-years old on the top, and 54-years young on the bottom! 

Before and After

Over the course of 18 months, I lost nearly 90 pounds of body fat... and I've kept it off!

Perhaps you're looking to lose weight or get back into shape? You've tried it on your own. You’ve spent money on gym memberships, exercise programs, and special food. You’ve done some things right. You’ve mustered your courage and recharged your motivation time and again. 

But for whatever reason your successes have not stuck. You’re looking for answers as to why your past efforts haven’t panned out. You’re hoping that there is a better plan. You’re looking for a guide - someone who knows what you're going through - someone who can inspire as well as instruct.

Or perhaps you've been spooked by a diagnosis, or you're coming out of a personal transition or major life shift? 

If any of the above applies to you, I can help! Fill out the form below to schedule your free discovery call. 

Yours in health!

- Rick Stype

Schedule A Free Discovery Call Today. No Obligation. No Pressure.

About Me          Health Coaching          Why Hire a Health Coach?          Testimonials          Blog

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About Me      Health Coaching      Why Hire a Health Coach?      Testimonials      Blog

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