A Workday in the Life

I thought I'd put together something that may be of interest to many people. Stick with me on this until the end. 

This is a typical Monday-Friday workday for me. I have it scheduled out, and yes, I have calendar appointments for every single task, because I'm a geek that way.

Please note that everything here is subject to change... at my discretion. 

When you’re self-employed, it is important to have a system in place, even if it merely serves as a framework.

4 am: Rise and Shine (Ok, I'm an early riser, and truth be told 4 am is late for me) 

  • Coffee
  • Prepare for day
  • Non-work related tasks (boring stuff that needs to happen)
  • Affirmations to get me pumped for the day

5 am: rickstype.com

  • Post or curate 1 blog for this site
  • Site maintenance, as needed
  • Followup with clients

5:30 am: HempWorx

  • Place an ad or 2
  • Follow up with pre-enrollees, and my every growing team!
  • Continued Education/Personal Development 
  • Use facebook strategy (more on this at another time/place)

6:30: Go for a Long Walk -

  • Watch the sunrise, which is one of my favorite parts of the day! Here's a pic I took recently. Pretty amazing, right? 

7:30: Workout (M, T, TH, F) 

  • Currently doing LIIFT4
  • Or go for a longer walk on Wednesday
  • Shower

9 am: Life Insurance Agent - work from home 

  • I'll cover what I do here in another post

12 pm: Lunch/HempWorx/Walk More? 

1 pm: Life Insurance Agent stuff

4 pm: HempWorx stuff

4:30 pm: Last task of the day!

  • Email all of the new life insurance quotes for the day

6 pm: Personal Time - Woohoo!

  • On Friday’s, I finish up 1 hour earlier.


  • HempWorx for maybe 1 hour/day, early morning. The rest is play time!  

Summing it all up

As you can see, I DO work hard, but more importantly, I work SMART. The majority of my day is spent on “asset producing” activities. 

It does NOT always go like that, but it does provide a framework. 

  • Sometimes I like to take a nap… I do that as the need arises - LOL
  • Sometimes I like to have a beer with lunch - I can do that… no one can fire me! 
  • When life happens, I simply adjust my day accordingly.
  • I can also pack up, and work at my gf’s place, Starbucks, a bar, or any place with outdoor seating as long as they have wifi. 
  • This year I plan on traveling a bit, but I'll still do some work wherever I go... even if it is just HempWorx team building. 

Total Flexibility: THAT is one of the main benefits of working for yourself! 

Questions for YOU

  • What would you do if you had this kind of flexibility?
  • If you were making the same money as you are now (on enough to cover your needs and basic wants) what would you do?
  • What if you were financially independent… now what would you do?

So now…

  • What are you willing to do to make that happen? 
  • What short-term sacrifices are you willing to make to achieve life-long financial independence?

I can provide you with the vehicle to achieve all of that. it's called HempWorx.

  • Can you follow a proven system? 
  • Can you follow simple instructions? 
  • Can you actually put the effort in? 
  • Will you stick it out, or just quit when things don’t go perfectly in the very beginning like most people do? 

Sign up for free, and show me that you have what it takes! I need a few more good leaders. I hope you’re my next one! 


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Rick Stype

I work full-time from my home in Portland, Oregon. I offer a wide range of business development products & services designed to assist business owners in virtually every industry. Whether you're a contractor, realtor, chiropractor, dentist, affiliate marketer, or in MLM, I can help you grow your business!

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