Freedom of Speech in Science

Just renewed the petition which would allow the Freedom of Speech in Science. We need 100,000 signatures to get President Trump’s attention.

Currently the US government doesn’t allow people to speak the truth about what hemp-derived CBD oil does for them - EVEN WITH SCIENTIFIC PROOF - we have to censor our testimonials through “compliance” efforts to protect pharmaceutical companies that sponsor the regulatory agencies in our government.

Luckily the NEWS is spreading the word!

BUT STILL, we aren’t allowed to use disease names because they are trademarked words and language that pharma created.

It’s illegal to say plants heal (even if they do) because plants didn’t invent the diseases in which they cure.

Only pharmaceutical companies are allowed to make medical claims because they invent the disease and they invent the drug to treat it which monopolizes the freedom of speech in science.

This bill allows the truth to be free.

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More about this bill:

“Americans want access and have a right to access legitimate scientific information about foods and dietary supplements to ensure informed decisions about diet and health care. While the American public is inundated daily with advertisements about prescription drugs for health conditions, many of which could be prevented through lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, and informed use of dietary supplements, Americans are denied access to the very information that assists in making informed lifestyle and health care decisions.”


The main argument - It’s against our first amendment, constitutional rights to not be allowed Freedom of Speech in Science. Read below 


Is it Not a Constitutional Right to Share Truthful, Scientific Information?

This is so ridiculous, as censoring a food producer's right to inform others about scientific research is in violation of the first amendment. The American Association for Health Freedom (AAHF) states:

"The FDA ignores first amendment protections and censors the communication of valid scientific information. The agency seems to have lost sight of its mandate to protect the public and has instead come to see itself as the guardian of corporate interests."

Can you imagine the drug companies not being permitted to tell you what their products could do for you... do you think they would roll over for that? Not a chance, but they don't have to simply because they are the ones who can afford the FDA's approval process. With few exceptions, it's impossible for food producers to assume such costs for natural and therefore non-patentable products.

It's ludicrous for the FDA to require natural products to be "vetted" the same way as drugs. In nearly every case, natural products are safer and more effective than synthetic drugs, as science has shown, time and time again. Not to mention that natural agents are much less expensive than pharmaceuticals, and can even be grown in your backyard!

It's unfortunate that the FDA is so beholden to the drug industry that it would waste it's time to attack a walnut manufacturer for citing scientific research while allowing Frito Lay to claim that its Lay's potato chips are "heart healthy."

And walnut producers are not alone. Cherry growers have also been threatened by the FDA with jail time if their websites even contain links to scientific studies from Harvard and elsewhere, outlining the health benefits of cherries for gout or arthritis pain.4 Green tea growers have received similar threats. As I said, it truly boggles the mind…

Please Sign Here + Share Make sure you confirm your email after you sign it 

www.FreeThePlant.com | www.EndPharma.com

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