Gigs Using a Computer 

If you're looking for real work-from-home computer gigs and other home-based employment opportunities read on...

Computer Gigs:

  • Content Creation
  • Back-linking, Citations, etc.

Other Gigs:

  • Appointment Setters/Lead Generators
  • Sales Representatives/Closers
  • Installers (TV Monitors/Computers/Modems)

Computer Gigs Overview

I often outsource content creation for the websites I build for local businesses. When I do, I prefer working with local college students or people with excellent writing skills. 

Additionally, back-linking, adding citations, and other basic tasks can be very time consuming, so I outsource these tasks as well. 

These part-time gigs are available as needed, but I need reliable people that can deliver the goods on a deadline. If that's you, this could become a long-term gig. The pay is standard/competitive and it's a nice way to supplement your income in your spare time.

Appointment Setter and Sales Rep Overview

More often or not, business owners are too busy working IN their business instead on ON their business. Many of them need a better website, a better way to generate leads & engage customers, and an infinitely better way to convert their leads into sales. 

That's where you come in... 

  • If you have excellent communication skills, but no sales background, consider the appointment setter position.
  • If you have a proven track record in sales, let's talk... I need strong closer.
  • If you can set the appointments AND close your own sales at a high conversion rate, you are my ideal candidate! 

What will you be selling? Click Here for the full list of services that I provide.

These long-term positions are full-time or part-time, and they are very lucrative! 

For complete details and current openings, schedule and interview with me. If we both decide to move forward, I'll provide you with the initial training to get you started, and ongoing training to ensure your continued success.


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