Leads or Traffic? What Do You Really Want?

Leads or Traffic

Leads or Traffic? If you have a home based business or you're in MLM, what's better, leads or traffic? It's a no-brainer, but I'll break it down for you.

I don't care what MLM deal you're currently in, chances are you suck at getting people to look at your offer. If you're actually a top earner, good for you, and my apologies. This post is for the rest of you... the 99% that fail... the ones that jump from offer to offer and fail every time. Hey, it's happened to me too, but this is what I learned. 

Problem #1: You don't have enough people to show your offer to.
So what do most people do? They start with their warm market... oh wait, you've already done that a few times so now you're in the NFL, the No Friends Left zone. No worries, you can then just go spam Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Oh snap, that didn't work for you either.

So then you turn to the guru's. They're all lining up to sell you their Wiz Bang Traffic Products & Services. Of course none of that bullshit works either. 

The general consensus is that Organic Traffic and Building Your Email List is the way to go. Even some of the best marketers out there will tell you that. They're not wrong! However, it can take a very long time to make that happen!, It is also assuming you actually know what your doing AND you actually do it every single day for at least 90 days, and up to a year. That's no small task, especially if you still have a day job, which most you do. 

So then you try some paid traffic, usually PayPer Click (PPC) like Google AdWords or Facebook ads. You probably paid for some courses to teach you how to do this as well. Here's what they didn't teach you. 

Facebook Advertising is NOT as easy as they would all have you believe! On the surface creating an ad campaign seems so simple, but it's what they don't tell you that matters. The simple truth is this; you cannot outspend the heavy hitters! As such, your cost per click is much higher than theirs to begin with. Also, if your ad is not well-crafted, and even worse, it makes a Facebook user unhappy (which Facebook HATES). you will be penalized... and by that I mean, your cost per click will increase even more! This is why almost everyone fails!

So now you're out a whole lot of money, and you still haven't built your business. The industry average is 2.3 signups, which is pathetic! By now, most people are toast, or they've moved on to the next deal in search of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Problem #2: The quality of the people you are actually showing your offer to
... or lack thereof.

If you have managed to show your offer to people using the methods above, all your getting is bottom of the barrel garbage that doesn't convert! Surely you've discovered that your signup rate is abysmal, and even the ones that do signup, quit within a month. 

So What's the Solution? 


The entire goal of getting traffic is to get leads! But not just any leads; you want high-quality leads that are looking for an opportunity right now... leads that actually convert! 

So why not just go and buy leads?

Seems simple, right? Well, not all leads are created equal. In fact, most leads absolutely suck! Sure, you could go out and get 1000 leads for only $20, but they are absolutely worthless, because they've been recycled and sold thousand of times over the last 10 years or more! Good luck getting any of them to respond to your emails, let alone sign anyone up. 

What about Solo Ads?

Solo ads are a closed loop. Everyone puts their name in, and they all blast ads into the circle... everyone blasts everyone else. All here's what you get: your email inbox will completely blow up with hundreds of emails per hour, over and over over. And those lists are burnt to a crisp! No one even opens them any more.

Genealogy lists are just as bad as the other two. 

So Where AreAll of the Good Leads?

Wait, why settle for good? 

The Conversion Pros Leads have answered a home based business ad. They are looking for a business... right now! These are real-time leads. They are only sold once! Once you purchase them, they will not be sold again to anyone else!

If you were to get these leads outside of TCP you would pay $5 per lead! Hey, good leads cost a lot of money to acquire, that's why they cost more. Common sense. But check this out, as a TCP member, you can get them for only $0.88 each, or less. You get them at cost, no markup! They even throw in an extra 10%, so if you order 50 leads, they give you 55 leads.   

You can also specify "women only leads" or "men only leads" if your products & services are gender specific, or if you're just more comfortable speaking with a certain gender. 

TCP leads flat out convert! They convert even better if you actually call them on the phone as opposed to just relying on email, and the sooner you call them the better. 

I've never had more success online than I'm having right now! Not even close!!!

You can use TCP to grow your business and finally have success. You can make TCP your main business. And of course, you can do both. Personally, I am just promoting TCP while running my 3D Chat Agency, I'm not promoting MLM.

One of the amazing benefits of promoting TCP is that once you get someone started the right way, they never quit! They'd have to be crazy to do so. But I'll cover that in another post.  

So get started now and grow you business with the best leads in the Industry!
Rick Stype

I work full-time from my home in Portland, Oregon. I offer a wide range of business development products & services designed to assist business owners in virtually every industry. Whether you're a contractor, realtor, chiropractor, dentist, affiliate marketer, or in MLM, I can help you grow your business!

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