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Why should you work from home? Let's start out with a quote from multimillionaire, T. Harv Eker.

"I encourage you to work “for yourself.” Start your own business, work on commission, get a percentage of revenue or company profits, or get stock options. Whatever your vehicle, make certain you create a situation that allows you to get paid based on your results. 

Personally, I believe just about everyone should own their own business, be it full-time or part-time. The first reason is that by far, the vast majority of millionaires became rich by being in their own business.

Secondly, it’s extremely difficult to create wealth when the tax man is grabbing almost half of everything you earn. When you own a business, you can save a small fortune in taxes by writing off a portion of your expenses for such things as your car, travel, education, and even your home. For that reason alone, it’s worth having your own business.

If you don’t have a brilliant business idea, not to worry: you can use someone else’s. First, you can become a commissioned salesperson. Selling is one of the world’s highest-paid professions. If you’re good, you can earn a fortune. 

Second, you can join a network marketing company. There are dozens of excellent ones, and they have in place all of the products and systems you need to get started immediately. For just a few bucks, you can become a distributor and have all the benefits of owning a business with few of the administrative hassles. If it resonates with you, network marketing can be a dynamite vehicle for wealth. But, and this is a big but, don’t think for a minute that you’re going to get a free ride. Network marketing will only work if you do. It will take training, time, and energy to succeed. But if you do, incomes in the range of $20,000 to $50,000 per month—that’s right, per month—are not uncommon. In any case, just signing up and becoming a part-time distributor will give you some excellent tax advantages, and who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy the product enough to offer it to others and end up making a nice income to boot." - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, pages 127-128.

Work At Home

Fun Fact: 82% of women in the United States who make $100,000 or more, do it through a Home Based Business.

Not So Fun Fact: Estimated by 2025, robots will take over one-half of all jobs in the US. In certain job sectors, they may even completely replace human workers.

Work From Home

There are now over 4 million entrepreneurs working from home and experiencing the benefits of greater personal freedom, more family time, reduced stress, better tax advantages, higher job enrichment, greater productivity, and huge financial rewards.

Does your family come first? Keep it that way. Whether you're a full-time mom or work at a part-time job, run your business on your time and your terms. You decide when to work without giving up what's important in your life. 

Think about the benefits of an online marketplace: For starters, you can have a national or even GLOBAL footprint, you reduce rent and office expenses and you can find contributors without any geographical limitations. The question is no longer "Can you work from home?", but rather, "Why wouldn't you?"

Flip the scales on your work/life balance.

Stop Trading Time For Money. 

There IS a Better Way!

Watch the 12-minute video below for complete details.

Are You An Ideal Candidate?

Essante' Organics business owners (Brand Partners) share a passion for delivering a superior organic experience. If the following statements describe you, you're an ideal candidate:  

  • I want to be in control and own my own business; one that makes a difference.
  • I want to supply an insatiable demand in the multi-trillion dollar green economy.
  • I am interested in the fastest growing and largest business sector in the world: Green Living.
  • I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives and in the environment.
  • I am interested in increasing my health and net worth, and I like the idea of no territory limits or income ceiling.
  • I want to work part-time from home 7-10 hours a week, have fun, and be a proud green business owner.  

Launch your new green, global, e-commerce business now. It's easy: 

  1. Click here
  2. Click JOIN & SAVE at the top of the website and choose 'Become an Organic Brand Partner'. 
  3. Be sure to add my name, "Richard Stype" or my user ID: 100079189 during signup... if/when prompted.
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