DIY Resources: the basics of growing your business online are pretty simple. First, you need a host for your website, opt-in pages & funnels. Then you need to publish great content that can attract visitors. Below are the resources that I use and recommend. 

This is a brief overview. I'll go into more detail on these resources in my newsletters, blog posts, videos, and courses that I'm working on. If you have any questions, or if you have determined that your time would be better spent working IN your business, instead of building sites, SEO, marketing, etc., call for a Free Consultation at 503-504-2487



WordPress Web Hosting

A2 Hosting - I use A2 for my site, and when I'm developing Optimized WordPress sites for clients. Super fast, great pricing and they install WordPress and the SSL Certificates when you purchase the domain and hosting together which is awesome!

WordPress Theme

Thrive Themes - I use Thrive Themes on WordPress. Thrive Themes load incredibly fast, and page speed is incredibly important! Thrive Themes are mobile responsive, which is also huge... as more and more people are using their mobile devices. In fact, more people are using mobile than desktop for the first time ever! Thrive offers plenty of tutorials, Thrive University, and amazing customer support, so you’ll know exactly how use all of the features to maximize your business.


AWeber Email Autoresponder - It is imperative that you have an email autoresponder that allows you to easily build a list of prospects and customers. AWeber has great relationship with the email service providers such as Gmail, which ensures that your emails actually reach the inbox. AWeber is one of the easiest to setup and most reliable autoresponders I've used. 

A Powerful System

By combining A2 Hosting, WordPress, and Thrive Themes, you have an incredibly powerful system that stacks up to the wildly popular ClickFunnels, but at a fraction of the cost. Unlike ClickFunnels, you own the domain with A2, WordPress and Thrive Themes. The downside to the system is it's much more labor intensive, and there is a much steeper learning curve. If easy of use is what you're looking for, and cost is not an issue, then ClickFunnels may be the way to go. It's up to you.

Shopping Cart

If you're an advanced marketer that's ready to start charging for access to your video courses, e-books, coaching, etc.… You'll need a shopping cart and possibly a content delivery plug-in.

The eStore WordPress Shopping Cart

The eStore plugin is the simplest shopping cart for WordPress that is completely beginner friendly and is a low cost one time fee! You can sell digital products while protecting the download pages, virtual products such as coaching sessions, and ongoing monthly membership products. It can be configured it to accept PayPal, credit cards, or both! They have several add-ons to this plug-in that allow it to perform advanced functions as needed, so it can grow with you and your business.

Amazing All-In-One Solution

Want to know what each customer is worth to your business over the course of the customer lifecycle, down to the dollar? Want to know what they are worth at each phase of their lifecycle? Now you can with Ontraporta breakthrough web app where CRM meets automation to power all of your marketing, sales, and business systems in one place!

  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Membership Sites
  • Sales Force Automation
  • E-Commerce
  • CRM
  • Business Process Automation

Ontraport is an absolute game-changer!



Systemize Your Business (Free Guide)

Stop working IN your business and start working ON your business. Learn how to create a framework for rapid growth.

Sales Followup Made Easy (Free Guide)

Inconsistent followup stunting your growth? Find out how to contact leads with the right messages at the right times, and how to do it automatically.

Authority Hacker

Finally, a "how to make money online" course that actually works!

The Internet is flooded with fake guru’s peddling bullshit information products, memberships and programs... all guaranteeing your success. How much time and effort have you wasted reading forums & blogs, scanning websites, and watching YouTube videos... all filled with misinformation? How confused and frustrated are you by all of this?

Luckily, you no longer have to worry about any of that. That’s because the team at Authority Hacker has put together a series of blueprints, trainings and templates that show you exactly how to lay the foundation for a truly successful business online. Success story after success story from Authority Hacker Pro students essentially prove that authority website marketing works! The Authority Hacker System is a MUST have!


Content is King! But what kind of content, and who will create it? These resources will be covered in this section.

Keywords & SEO

KW Finder - Find profitable keywords that you can easily rank for. 

I also recommend adding the FREE Keywords Anywhere Chrome Extension.

You'll also optimize all of your pages and blog posts with the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. 


You can get all kinds of copyright-free images on Pexels and Pixabay. You can create images, ebook covers, and much more using Canva. There are also plenty of places you can get free or very inexpensive PLR materials and resources for giveaways, emails, and ad copy... the quality varies greatly, so be careful. 


For most people, creating content is by far the most difficult and time consuming task when it comes to building a website. Most people suck at it, and business owners simply do not have time for it... and their websites suffer as a result. Are you ready to write 1000-1500 words of keyword-rich, optimized content for your main page? If not, allow me to take that task off your plate! 

So, that's the basics of Keyword Research, Content Creation, and SEO... it's enough to get you started. However, getting ranked on the first page of Google, especially a top listing, or showing up in the maps requires many additional resources and a lot more effort and skill. That's where I come in!

For a Free Consultation, Call Today: 503-504-2487


So now you have your website, your funnels, your automation tools, some content, and some really great training. Now all you need is website traffic and leads.

Facebook Advertising

There are a lot of people out there looking to sell you programs on Facebook Marketing. This, I will tell you for free. 

There are 2 Ways to Advertise on Facebook:

  1. You can Boost a Post
  2. You Can Create an Ad Campaign

Boosting a post is a complete waste of time and money! Creating a campaign is the better option!

However, Facebook Advertising is NOT as easy as they would all have you believe! On the surface creating an ad campaign seems so simple, but it's what they don't tell you that matters. The simple truth is this; you cannot outspend the heavy hitters! As such, your cost per click is much higher than theirs to begin with. Also, if your ad is not well-crafted, and even worse, it makes a Facebook user unhappy (which Facebook HATES). you will be penalized... and by that I mean, your cost per click will increase even more! This is why almost everyone fails!

As with Local SEO and content creation, advertising on Facebook can be time consuming, even if you do take the time to learn how to master this skill. Why not partner up with me instead? I'll optimize your facebook for maximum conversions!

For a Free Consultation, Call Today: 503-504-2487


Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

As is the case with Facebook Advertising, you cannot outspend the big dogs on Google or Bing. So you either have to focus on obscure keywords, or come up with another solution. There are some other traffic sources that are not nearly as big, but they will deliver high quality traffic on the cheap. Instead of paying $1.00 or more per click, we're talking only $0.02 or a little more! Sitescout, Leadbolt, Adperium, PropellerAds, and Bonadza are but a few. 

You can also partner up with me, and I'll optimize your Google AdWords campaigns!

For a Free Consultation, Call Today: 503-504-2487

CPA Advertising - Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition 

This form of advertising is typically used in Affiliate Marketing. If you have a traditional business, skip this section.

There are Two Types of CPA Offers: 

  1. Sale Offers  
  2. Lead Offers

Some offers convert upon lead. Examples: entering an email address, completing a form, or signing up for a service. Common CPL offers are found in Email submits, dating and most gaming offers. Sale offers convert on purchase. For example, purchasing software.

I prefer Lead Offers. Why? Because there is no cost to the customer!

Here are a few examples:

In both examples, if you clicked on the image, and then signed up for free, I would be paid even though you paid absolutely nothing! How much would I be paid? $8 for UseNeXT and $3 for World of Tanks!

Here's where it get crazy! The UseNeXT product is actually converting at 40% and the Earnings Per Click (EPC) is $3.20. If you are only paying $.03 per click, you're making $3.17 every time someone clicks on your ad! Ok, so that is an extreme example, but that's the actual and current data. 

What about World of Tanks? It converts at only 2%, so the earnings per click is only $.06, which is very low. If you're paying $.03 per click, you're still doubling your money! Would you pay $100 to get back $200 later the same day? Do you see the power in this?

Here is another popular option: Free Plus Shipping:

In this case, the offer is free, but shipping is $6.98, so it qualifies as a Sales Offer, not a Lead Offer. The payout is $23.50. It converts at 4.13% and the EPC is $0.97. So again, if you're paying only $0.03 per click, you'll make $0.94 for every click, which is still really great!



These 2 books were game-changers for me:

Tim talks a lot about outsourcing in his book. When I first read it, I really didn't see myself doing that. That all changed - LOL. On that note...



Outsourcing is a great way to delegate basic tasks that could be done by just about anybody (cold-calling, data entry, etc.), or talent specific tasks that take up too much of your time (content creation, blogging, etc.) to other people. This frees up your time to focus on the tasks that actually generate income for business. Hiring local people for basic tasks, or college students with excellent writing skills Just makes sense. Pay them $10-15, and you're good to go. 

*Another option, which is even more cost effective, is also available.  


Outsourcing To The Philippines

When you are ready to bring on full-time teammates for graphics, development, customer support or a virtual assistant… The Philippines offers a wonderful talent pool! 

This course teaches you exactly how to recruit, hire, train and manage teammates and other countries to help you grow your business.

But this is more than just a course… It is also the premier job board for Filipino staff members looking to support you in your digital business. When you sign up for their premium membership for one month you get the course as a bonus and you get full access to the job posting and recruiting tools from the job board!

*Personally, when I do outsource, I prefer to hire locally. It circulates money into my local community, and it is all tax deductible anyway, so I don't mind the higher cost compared outsourcing outside of the good ole USA.

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