Over the past 2 years, I've built a full-time income working from home... both online and offline. 

I am not a guru! I'm not the fake-it-till-to-make-it type. I will not make grandiose income claims, nor will I tell you how easy it is to make money online... because it's NOT easy!

What I will say is this; I'm just a regular guy that I has tried dozens of educational courses, systems, and tools in my quest to make it in the online world. Sadly, I've found that the vast majority of them are pure garbage! 

The goal of this Resources Page is to provide you with a list of products & services that I've tried that have actually worked for me.... and that I feel are worth the investment of money and/or time. This is a brief overview. I'll go into more detail on everything in my newsletters, blog posts, videos, and courses that I may be putting together. 

So here goes... The basics of growing your business online are pretty simple. First, you need a host for your website, opt-in pages and funnels. Then you need to publish great content that can attract visitors. Below are the tools I use and recommend.


WordPress Web Hosting

A2 Hosting - I use A2 for my site, and when I'm developing Optimized WordPress sites for clients. Super fast, great pricing and they install WordPress and the SSL Certificates when you purchase the domain and hosting together, which is just awesome!!

WordPress Theme

Thrive Themes - I use Thrive Themes on WordPress to build my site. Thrive Themes load incredibly fast, and page speed is incredibly important! Thrive Themes are mobile responsive, which is also huge... as more and more people are using their mobile devices. In fact, more people are using mobile than desktop for the first time ever! Thrive offers plenty of tutorials, Thrive University, and amazing customer support, so you’ll know exactly how use all of the features to maximize your business.


AWeber Email Autoresponder - It is imperative that you have an email autoresponder that allows you to easily build a list of prospects and customers. Plus, they must have a great relationship with the email service providers like Gmail, so that your emails reach the inbox. AWeber is one of the easiest to setup and most reliable autoresponders I've used. 

MailChimp - A very easy to use autoresponder that is Free up to 2000 contacts. It doesn't have some of the higher end features that you'll find at AWeber, but if you're just running a few simple campaigns, and CRM is not required, it's a good place to start. 


The first and ONLY autoresponder that allows you to profit from the power of Email, Text, and Facebook Messenger under one central dashboard with NO monthly fees! The Facebook Messenger component alone makes this app worth the every penny!

Different Strokes

Essentially, by combining A2 Hosting and Thrive Themes, you have an incredibly powerful system that stacks up to the wildly popular ClickFunnels but at a fraction of the cost. Unlike ClickFunnels, you own the domain with WordPress and Thrive Themes. The downside to the system is it's much more labor intensive, and there is a much steeper learning curve. If easy of use is what you're looking for, and cost is not an issue, then ClickFunnels may be the way to go. Like I said, everyone has different needs. 

Increase Conversions

The All-In-One Solution

The Conversion Pros - ALL of the tools you need in one easy-to-use platform!

  • Intuitive Capture Pages, Landing Pages, and Sales Funnels
  • Built in Auto-responders. This is my favorite part. Each landing page can have it's own separate email campaign. You can set up unlimited pages & campaigns for you and even your clients. Send unlimited emails! Super easy to set up!
  • SMS Broadcasters, where you can follow up with your prospects via email or SMS/Text broadcasts
  • Customer Relationship Manager Phone App - When you get a new customer or lead from your landing/capture page, you will be notified right away and all of their contact information will be automatically imported to the app on your phone. The app also syncs with both inbound and outbound phone calls, and it even integrates with your smart watch. 
  • URL Rotator - advertise one URL, but rotate several pages. When you get new leads, it shows what page they came in on, so you can see which ones are converting the best -  very powerful!
  • Blog Creator, Invoice Creator, Tiny URL Creator, and a QR Code Creator
  • Marketing Videos

If you're looking for the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, all-in-one business solution, look no further!

I personally use the WordPress and Thrive Themes for this website. I use The Conversion Pros for landing pages, sales funnels autoresponder, text messaging, CRM phone app, and invoices. 

Capture Page Examples

Weight Loss


Make 10K/Month

Travel to Las Vegas



Skin Care

Work at Home Moms

Real Estate

Credit Repair

Crypto Currency

These are just a few pre-made capture pages. They're simple, effective, completely customizable, and they can be used in ANY industry. 

When it's all said and done, I feel that The Conversion Pros combined with a basic WordPress site for blogging & general website information is the best solution for most of my clients. If I had to start over right now, that's what I would do. 

Chat Bot

Chat Bot

3D CHAT AGENT - Leverage Futuristic Artificial Intelligence Technology to Skyrocket Your Sales and Leads!

  • Convert Ordinary Websites, Blogs & Funnels into SMART Sales Machines.
  • Engage And Captivate Attention With Interactive 3D Avatars & Award Winning Text-to-Speech.
  • Automate Leads and Sales Without Opt-in Forms or Landing Pages.

These 3D Chat Agents Will Be Your Very Own Personal Assistant That's On The Job 24/7 To Turn MORE of Your Visitors Into Sales!

I currently use 4 different Chat Agents on this website. The primary purpose of the of the one on my front page is to generate interest in 3D Chat Agents. It's pretty in-depth. The one I use on most of the other pages is simple Chat Agent just designed to get new mailing list subscribers. The 3rd one is used on my CAREERS and GIGS pages. And finally, the 4th on (the little Tiger dude on the bottom left) shows off the 2 new amazing features I've just added. Be sure to check it out!

Here are a few other Chat Agents that I created to give you even more of an idea of what they can do:

Personal Trainer

Beauty Salon - featuring an actual spokesperson

Restaurant - Book a reservation

Also notice that they are displayed on a website in their respective industries. Super cool, right? 



If you're an advanced marketer that's ready to start charging for access to your video courses, e-books, coaching, etc.… You'll need a shopping cart and possibly a content delivery plug-in. 

The eStore WordPress Shopping Cart

The eStore plugin is the simplest shopping cart for WordPress that is completely beginner friendly and is a low cost one time fee! You can sell digital products (and protect their download pages), you can sell virtual products (like coaching sessions) or even ongoing monthly membership products. You can also configure it to accept PayPal and credit cards both! They have several add-ons to this plug-in that allow it to perform advanced functions as needed, so it can grow with you and your business.

There are more advanced, and more expensive options out there, but I personally do not have experience with them, so I cannot recommend them here. 

If you would like additional information on how to use any of these website tools to help grow your business, set up an appointment, and we'll come up with best solution for your business needs.


DotComSecrets: The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online..." If you are still trying to piece everything together from YouTube videos, podcasts, and blog posts... Good on ya! But truth be told, everything becomes easier when you have a roadmap and this free book is a fantastic guide to building profitable sales funnels and Internet businesses. Click here and get the book for free, now.

The Perfect Webinar Script - If you are planning your first webinar or are looking to increase the sales from the webinars you are already putting on, you MUST GET THIS SCRIPT! The creator of this script/system, Russell Brunson attributes this script to over $30,000,000 in sales and he is giving it to you for free! If you're ready to explode your webinar profits, click here now and get the script.

Authority Hacker

“Are there any ‘how to make money online' courses that actually work?”

The Internet is flooded with fake guru’s peddling bullshit information products, memberships and programs... all guaranteeing your success. How much time and effort have you wasted reading forums & blogs, scanning websites, and watching YouTube videos... all filled with misinformation? How confused and frustrated are you by all of this?

Luckily, you no longer have to worry about any of that. That’s because the team at Authority Hacker has put together a series of blueprints, trainings and templates that show you exactly how to lay the foundation for a truly successful business online. Success story after success story from Authority Hacker Pro students essentially prove that authority website marketing works! The Authority Hacker team has built the best Internet marketing course to learn how to make money online that I've ever seen! The Authority Hacker Pro System is a MUST have!


Content is King! But what kind of content, and who will create it? That will be covered in this section.

Keywords & SEO

KW Finder - Find keywords that you can easily rank for. Keyword research tool with the most accurate keyword difficulty score which makes it simple to find profitable keywords you can really rank for.

I also recommend adding the FREE Keywords Anywhere Chrome Extension

You'll also optimize all of your pages and blog posts with the Yoast WordPress plugin. 


NOTE: I'm in the process of updating this section. Stay tuned...


So now you have your website, your funnels, your automation tools, some content, and some really great training. Now all you need is website traffic and leads.


Let's start with the Home Based Business Sector, and then we'll move on to Traditional Businesses.

For MLM and Home Based Businesses

If you're struggling in a MLM Company, or another Home Based Business, you're not alone. The failure rate in almost 99%. 

Why do so many fail?


  • They're using shitty corporate websites with no sales funnels, lousy ad copy, and no call to action. The site has no autoresponder system, and if there is one, it sucks as bad as the corporate website. I got news for you... those on the leaderboards are not using the corporate websites.
  • Lack of training. They don’t know how to market, where to market, and they don't even have good ads. 
  • Too much training. Training is great, but too much can be overwhelming. But the bigger issue is too many different leaders providing completely different strategies, and sometimes, conflicting advice. This all leads to confusion. 
  • They're all fishing in the same pond. Everyone and their brother is on Facebook promoting their own deal. They all swear theirs is better than yours, and quite frankly people are getting numb to it. Even paid advertising there is getting much more difficult as a result. 
  • The grass is always greener - now that they're frustrated... again, they start jumping from deal to deal, and never make it! 
  • They never fixed the real problem: themselves.  

Sound familiar?

What if I could show you the right tools, show you how to get conversions, show you how and where to market, and make it simple?

What if I could double… or even quadruple your downline… for free… and I don’t want any money, I don’t want any credit card or banking information from you… I want to prove it to you first, would you take me up on that offer?

Of course you would. So, here it is: Get Super Hot Leads For Free! 

A lot of free offers take your credit card and bill you later. Not here! A lot of companies give you SOME access as a free trial member, but here you FULL access! All of the tools. All of the training. EVERYTHING…. For FREE!  Everyone can afford "Free".

For Traditional Business

Facebook Advertising - I know of no one better at Facebook Advertising than Miles Beckler.

NOTE: I'm in the process of updating this section. Stay tuned...

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