Top Reasons to Hire a Health Coach

Top Reasons To Hire A Health Coach

You’re Looking to Lose Weight

Maybe it’s 10 pounds or 110. Either way, you’ve likely tried losing weight already on your own, perhaps several times?  You’ve spent money, possibly a lot of it, on memberships, programs and special food. You’ve hit the gym and sworn off this or that food or skipped meals. You’ve done some things right and made some mistakes. You’ve read up and tried applying what you’ve learned and heard—for better and worse. Most of all, you’ve mustered your courage and recharged your motivation time and again.

And now you’re here because whatever success you may have achieved hasn’t stuck. Perhaps you’ve come to the end of your own devices? You’re likely looking for answers and explanations as to why your past efforts haven’t panned out. You’re hoping that there is a better plan. You’re looking for a guide and a believer—someone who can inspire as well as instruct.

You’ve Been Spooked by a Diagnosis

Maybe it was your last lipid test or blood sugar reading? Perhaps it was news that those symptoms you’ve been struggling with for months or even years point to celiac, IBS, MS, fibromyalgia or some other major condition?

At this point you may be scared or angry, regretful or grieving. But you’re also here for help. As much as your diagnosis is troubling you, as unsure as the future seems, you’re not accepting the news as the final verdict. You’re taking responsibility for what you can change at this point—even if you don’t know how much or what kind of influence your efforts can have over your condition. As such, you’re looking for someone who can help you put your condition’s health impacts and lifestyle measures into perspective, as well as someone who can help you feel empowered in the face of fear and uncertainty.

You’re Out of Shape and Want to Get Fit

Perhaps you used to be fit, even athletic. Or maybe you’ve never known what true fitness feels like. Whether or not you carry extra weight, you’ve hit a critical threshold of dissatisfaction. You’re no longer interested in living the same way anymore.

You may not understand what it will take to move forward in the ways you desire, but you’ve made the choice to show up for the possibility by investing in the support of a health coach. You’re looking for clear cut guidance and concrete structure that will help you quickly experience a taste of your bodies’ expanding potential, but you also probably recognize the need for long-term encouragement to help you stay on the path for greater gains and continual progress.

You’re Coming Out of a Personal Transition

Perhaps you’re moving through or beyond major life shifts such as divorce, death of a loved one, or cancer remission. Having made your way through difficult challenges, you’ve developed a certain courage and hopefulness in making it to the other side. You feel emboldened and you’re ready to move into new health territory to match your psychological or logistical changes. You have a lot of positive energy to work with, and you also may appreciate the emotional support a health coach can offer.

You Want to Redefine the Age You’re At

Perhaps you’ve reached a certain age and realize you don’t feel like you’d hoped to? You’re losing strength or agility, flexibility or speed in ways or degrees you hadn’t anticipated. Maybe you sense that you’re losing muscle mass or worry about your bone strength?

Alternatively, you may still be in relatively good shape but have higher designs. You aren’t satisfied with looking good or doing well “for your age” (whatever that is). You feel called to a personal challenge to redefine what your age means to you, whatever the larger society or their family legacy tells you.

Perhaps you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve (e.g., a certain aesthetic look, a certain ability), or perhaps your are coming here with a general sense of wanting to “feel younger?”

If any of the above applies to you, I can help! 

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