Using a Big SEO Company but Not Getting Results?


So you clicked on this which means you are using an SEO company that promised page 1, is taking your money every month, but you're not getting any results! You call them with questions, ask for modifications, get nothing! You don't even know who is doing the work! Yeah, they have a huge team working, but after an initial boost to lure you in, they are just sucking the credit card dry and not doing anything!

Why? Corporate greed, move as many as possible, get their money and go to the next sucker! There is no personal investment in their performance, it's just a job!

SEO and Web Design is what I do! Customer service is what I do! If you want somebody that takes ranking your site or building your site personally, I'm your guy! If you want to call and talk to YOUR SEO person instead of a representative, I'm your guy! I'm local, I can come to you and discuss what you want to do! If I'm not local to your business, I promise that if you call, you're talking to the guy doing the work!

SEO is not an overnight process! You should see consistent movement forward, that's how you know if they are working or just collecting $! Once your site is ranked, a good SEO person will bust his ass to keep you there!

If you're tired of Big Box SEO, call me at 503-504-2487. I take ranking your site personally, and I monitor the movement of the ranking and act accordingly! I will do whatever it takes, using White Hat tactics only, to rank your site.

  • No long-term contract options are available
  • Monthly reports
  • 24/7 availability (phone, text, private message, e-mail)
  • Changes are generally made within 24 hours
  • Results

If you're jumping from SEO to SEO looking for the right one, call me! NOBODY will work harder for you! NOBODY will take it more personally! Your success depends on my success! My success depends on your success! Win/Win!

Now the ball is in your court! Keep doing what you're doing, or try somebody that has your success in mind!


Local Lead Generation Services

Rick Stype

I work full-time from my home in Portland, OR, and I offer a full spectrum of Digital Marketing & Web Design Services to grow your sales. Whether you're a contractor, realtor, chiropractor, dentist, affiliate marketer, or even in mlm, I can help you!

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