Why HempWorx?

Here are the main reasons I became an Independent HempWorx Affiliate, and why I'm talking about CBD on my health coaching site. 

I live in Oregon, where Cannabis has been legal for a few years, and there are dispensaries on practically every corner. 

I personally don't smoke weed, but I do have arthritis & pain, and I was told that CBD could help me. So I visited dispensaries, and asked a bunch of questions. It was frustrating, as I would get mixed opinions, and I really wasn't sure the information I was receiving was accurate (dosage, purity, etc.).

So I tried a few different products, but nothing really helped with my arthritis. The products were expensive, but I am a firm believer in paying for quality. After all, you really do get what you pay for in most cases, but I simply didn't get results, so I stopped using them. 

Then I found HempWorx. I tried the 500 mg Full Spectrum Oil, and Relief (Icy Pain Rub). Within no time, the pain was gone, I had better mobility, and I started sleeping better. I finally found something that actually worked, and I figured that if it worked for me, it could work for my clients. 

Reason # 1: The Products

Simply put, HempWorx products are the best CBD products on the market! All HempWorx CBD Products are:

  • Made with certified organic hemp grown in the Kentucky 
  • Full Spectrum, and 100% free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients
  • CO2 Extraction
  • Manufactured and tested in an FDA Approved facility.
  • The highest purity levels in the industry, and they have 3rd party testing & documentation to prove it! Customers and affiliates have access to our Certificates of Analysis, Free Trade Certificates, Gas Chromatography Tests, Antimicrobial Tests, and Potency Tests. 

Buy CBD products at my HempWorx Preferred Customer Site. There's a 30 day, empty bottle return policy, so you can try the products, risk free.

You can even get free samples here - $40 worth, for FREE... just pay shipping & handling.

Reason # 2: The Business

Lifestyle Coaching is one facet of being a Health Coach. If I can help clients to improve their lifestyle, they will be happier, and have less stress. 

CBD can be a life-changer, and in some cases, a life-saver for certain people. Coaching people on ways to make additional income is another way I can help to improve their lifestyle. I love helping people, so it's my obligation to share this amazing opportunity with you.

Network Marketing has been around for about 70 years, and is currently generating about $175 Billion dollars/year in sales globally, making it the very best business model on the planet. Don't believe me? Just ask Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jim Rohn, and Robert Kyosaki to name but a few. 

HempWorx, which is a subsidiary of My Daily Choice (MDC), has the best compensation plan I've ever seen! What completely sets them apart from everyone else is their revolutionary marketing system. All you need to do is send traffic to your pages, and the system takes care of the rest. It's that simple. It's that powerful.

In addition to all of the training provided by the HempWorx/MDC, there's my mentor below. He's helped 55 people earn 1 million dollars/year! I'm learning directly from him, and he's allowed me to give away all of his training for free! 

Take a FREE Tour and see for yourself

And, upon your request, I'll also add you to the group that is referenced in the video above. Shoot me an email: marketing@rickstype.com and Take a FREE Tour 

Reason #3: The Timing is Perfect!

Your timing couldn't be better. While there has been serious industry growth, it's really just getting started, and now that Trump and Congress Just Legalized Hemp, it is going to take off like a rocket!

Get started today!

Rick Stype

I work full-time from my home in Portland, Oregon. I offer a wide range of business development products & services designed to assist business owners in virtually every industry. Whether you're a contractor, realtor, chiropractor, dentist, affiliate marketer, or in MLM, I can help you grow your business!

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